Homeless Beauty. El espacio en su estado ulterior (eBook)

Aquesta publicació és tant el resultat com l’eix articulador del procés de taller portat a terme en el curs de postgrau -Homeless Beauty-, entorn de l’Espai de l’Art en els Inicis del Tercer Mil·lenni, realitzat al Departament de Pintura de la Universitat de Barcelona entre febrer i juny de 2003…Esta publicación aglutina el trabajo de alumnos y coordinadores realizado a lo largo del posgrado -Homeless Beauty-, impartido en la Facultat de Belles Arts de la Universidad de Barcelona, entre febrero y junio del 2003

by William Shepard

A college etextbook for religion courses.

Physical and Chemical Changes (eBook)
by Edward P. Ortleb, Richard Cadice

This book presents a program of basic studies in physical and chemical changes of matter. The definition of matter is presented along with explanations of states and properties of matter. Topics include atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, mixtures, solutions, symbols, and formulas. Each of the twelve teaching units in this book is introduced by a color transparency (print books) or PowerPoint slide (eBooks) that emphasizes the basic concept of the unit and presents questions for discussion. Reproducible student pages provide reinforcement and follow-up activities. The teaching guide offers descriptions of the basic concepts to be presented, background information, suggestions for enrichment activities, and a complete answer key.

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Mount Vernon (ENHANCED eBook)
by Julia Hargrove

Mount Vernon, the Virginia home of George Washington, is a popular tourist site with an interesting history. Students learn some of the history of Virginia, beginning with Jamestown, including the relationship between Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. They’ll discover how Washington contributed to the freedom of America and became our first President, but was always happy to go home. Review questions are included as well as suggestions for further study using the internet and multiple intelligence activities. A complete answer key is provided.